It’s Friday!  Whoop!  Another week in the books when it comes to work!  For those of us in regular 9 to 5, M-F jobs that is.

For those of you in the service industry, this is like Monday.  For those of you in the health care field, this means nothing.  I’m somewhere in limbo between the 9-5 and the health care field.  Some weeks I get my regular hours; other weeks I am on-call or have to work weird hours.  And EVERY DAY I am available as a contact in an emergency if I am available (i.e.: not out-of-town, not incapacitated for whatever reason).

Please always remember to tip your waiter/waitress and bartender, be thankful for ALL of the staff that are there for you in an emergency (front desk, nurses, doctors, etc), and don’t forget those that are there for you and your pets during an animal emergency!

We all have lives.  We all have passion.  We all have compassion.  We all want what’s best for everyone.  Never forget that.  Just be grateful and be kind.


AnimalWhiz >^..^<


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