Runningluv…not JUST a Runner’s Necessity

I learned about Runningluv on Facebook from another fellow runner that I follow (then MaraMon, now the runner in me). MaraMon was having a “giveaway” at the time, and when I looked at what it was she was giving away I thought, “Wow! That’s a really great idea for a product! I want one!” So I ordered a few (there were so many pattern/color options that I couldn’t just settle on one!).

The concept is so novel, yet so useful and I canNOT ever run without one now. It doesn’t matter what the weather; hot, cold, dry, humid, etc. It’s useful in any and all climates.

The first day after I received my initial order I ran 4.5 miles on an unseasonably warm day. Good test for sweat! The runningluv worked perfectly! Normally I would have wiped the sweat on my forehead with my hand or sleeve, which doesn’t always work very well. That just smears the sweat and bacteria all over your face and often into your eyeballs! OUCH! That burns some! Once I had the runningluv, all that sweat was absorbed into the microfiber towel, using the same simple motion I’d have used with my hand/sleeve. Bonus.

My first experience on a cold day with my runningluv was even more awesome. All of you fellow runners know what happens when you run in cold temperatures. Your nose faucet opens up at full flow! Before runningluv, all of my cold-weather runs ended rather disgustingly; snot all over my sleeve, balaclava or scarf, and face. Eeeew! The runningluv microfiber towel now absorbs ALL of that snot, along with the tears that naturally develop when your eyes meet cold air. No more snot smeared all over my face!

A post run photo with my running buddy, CJ, and with a Runningluv in hand!

A post run photo with my running buddy, CJ, and with a Runningluv in hand!

Any time I forget my runningluv on a run, which is now a rarity, I regret it. At first it wasn’t habit, so I’d forget it regularly! Mid-run I’d be kicking myself. Now it only happens when I’m in a hurry and my head isn’t on straight. I’ve learned to make the runningluv a “part of me” whenever I go running now. In the cold I often wear 2 or more, depending on the distance I plan on running that day! The farther I run, the more my nose runs!

The durability and washability of the runningluv is great. I’m pretty rough on my gluvs and I do not follow the recommended laundering instructions (shrugs). I throw mine in the regular wash and follow in the dryer. I’ve never had a problem! They do launder quite heartily!

Runningluv is not only for runners either. Anyone that does any kind of activity that involves sweat, snot, tears or drool can benefit from a runningluv. I have used a runningluv at Spin class, while gardening, and even habitually wear one when I’m having an upper-respiratory or sinus problem.

Not only is the product itself wonderful, but the Customer Service is outstanding! With almost every order I have received a little handwritten note from Danielle. I love how she keeps it personal. For my Run for the Animals fundraising this year I sent a plea to Runningluv because of my love for their product! Danielle was so kind and generous that she offered to help out by donating some gluvs. And not just any gluvs; she custom made a few gluvs special for this event. Where does one find such awesome, generous and thoughtful people? At Runningluv. That’s where!

Custom made runningluvs for my Run for the Animals Fundraiser!

Custom made runningluvs for my Run for the Animals Fundraiser!

In summary, the product is absolutely wonderful and utile for more than just runners, my satisfaction with the product is through the roof, and my customer service experience has been nothing less than excellent.

If you run, you need a runningluv. If you sweat, drool, snot or cry, you need a runningluv. If you want a hankie that coordinates with your outfit, runningluv is perfect!

This is my "in use" collection of Runningluvs.  I have a "few" more that haven't been opened yet, or that I plan to give as gifts to fellow runners!

This is my “in use” collection of Runningluvs. I have a “few” more that haven’t been opened yet, or that I plan to give as gifts to fellow runners!


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