Hi!  My name is Beth and I am an Animal Care Professional, a Runner, a Fitness Hobbyist, a Beer Connoisseur and a Blogger.  I have been working in the animal care field for 20+ years, with an educational background in Animal Science from the University of Illinois.  Running has been a hobby of mine since I was kid, but I have only recently (since 2010) rekindled that hobby after a nearly 15-year hiatus.  I have always been active in sports and am currently in the process of obtaining my national personal trainer certification.  In March 2015 I obtained my POUND Rockout. Workout. certification (Yes, I am a bonafide POUND Pro!), and in May of 2016 I became certified in SoulBody Barre.  Beer has always been a friend of mine.  I just enjoy it.  And now I’m blogging about all of this and more!


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