FlipBelt Running Belt

During my years of long-distance running I have been forever trying out new gadgets in order to find those products that make my run as comfortable and safe as possible.  I’ve tried several running belts to hold my phone and other small gear, including FlipBelt.  If I followed a “star” rating system of 1-5 (1=bad to 5=excellent), I would give FlipBelt a 4.

I’ll start with the Pros of the FlipBelt.

  1.  The belt fits very comfortably around the waist.  It’s stretchy and stays relatively snug while running.  There is very little bounce or riding up (a problem I’ve had with other running belts).
  2. Easy to clean!  The FlipBelt is machine-washable.  I never had any problem with it shrinking, stretching, falling apart, etc. after over a hundred washes.
  3. The FlipBelt is open all the way around.  There are slits in the belt that allow for easy access for your phone, ID, cash, running fuel, whatever you can fit in your belt!  You can slide something into one of the slits and move it all the way around to wherever it is most comfortable for you in terms of the item’s placement.
  4. It has an internally secured hook to attach your keys.  I love this.  While running I sometimes have to reach into my belt to check on a phone message, or to grab a snack or gel.  On more than one occasion I’ve done this and had my keys pop out of a slit!  If they weren’t attached to the hook, they could have easily fallen out.
  5. You can use it for much more than running.  I’ve used mine at concerts, parks, at the gym, and when out on the town.  It’s so much nicer than having to carry around a purse or a wallet, not to mention more difficult for a thief to get from you.

The Cons are few, but there are some which is why I only give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  1.  When I purchased it, they claimed that it fit an iPhone 6 Plus, which is the phone I had.  I contacted the company to explain that I had a 6+ with a case and they said it would still fit, no problem.  Well, it did fit, that is true.  However, it was very difficult to get the phone to squeeze into the belt.  If you have a phone as big as a 6+, especially with a case, it is really difficult to place and remove your phone, especially while running.
  2. The FlipBelt does ride up some while running.  Depending on what I’m wearing during my runs, I often find myself having to readjust the belt by pulling it back down around my waist or hips.  It’s just a nuisance, especially at mile 10+ when I’m starting to get cranky!
  3. The price.  I find the FlipBelt to be a little overpriced, especially compared to all of the similar products I’ve tried.  It is the most expensive running belt I’ve purchased, and my 2nd favorite out of 3 that I’ve tried.

Overall I think FlipBelt is a great product.  If you have a smartphone smaller than an iPhone 6 Plus, you are golden!  It is a great quality belt, and a lot of thought went into it’s design.  I still use mine on shorter runs, or when my favorite belt (review coming) is not available (because it’s stinky and needs to be laundered, or I forget it somewhere, etc.).


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