Primal Pit Paste

It has been well over 2 years now that I have been using Primal Pit Paste (PPP). After trying it out for the first month I knew I was never going back to regular deodorant/anti-perspirant.

I learned about PPP online, probably Facebook, but I don’t recall for certain. It was probably some paleo/real food page or blog that I follow (sorry for not being able to remember to give props where it is due). I just remember seeing “Primal Pit Paste” and thinking that it was a paleo-ish barbecue sauce of some sort. I clicked on the promo finally one day and learned more about the product and thought I might like to try that! Though I really like barbecue sauce, an all natural, chemical-less deodorant was equally intriguing. So I ordered some. . .

At first it took a little bit of getting used to. After all, I have always used a stick or a roll on, so rubbing a paste into my pits seemed, well, just odd! But I got over it fairly quickly. They manufacture a “stick” formula that I have tried, but I like the paste much better. It seems to work better in both the stink and perspiration departments in my opinion.

When I first started to use PPP, I kept a “back up” stick of my previous regular antiperspirant/deodorant in my purse just in case. I would continuously sniff my pits to make sure I couldn’t smell any evidence of B.O. After failing to discover any B.O. after a few days I started asking my main squeeze to sniff my pits just in case I was immune to my own “stink.” If anybody was going to be honest with me about my “odor” it’d be him! He said there was no stink, just the scent of the essential oil in the pit paste. Wow! Even after a run? Yes!

I started with the “regular strength” paste and had success. No irritations to report. Odor control and perspiration control were on point. I decided to try the “strong” formula and was even happier with it, but not necessarily because of any better odor or perspiration control. The “strong” formulas that I have tried seem to be of a better, smoother texture than the regular strength formulas. But whether or not they really provide better odor or perspiration control, I am indifferent. No noticeable change in odor or perspiration control noticed for me among the two different strengths.

There is also a “Light” formula for those sensitive types. I have tried the Unscented and Vanilla Lavender formulas. Both are equally awesome. I am apparently NOT one of the sensitive types, but had to try these to see what, if any, differences I noticed. Both odor control and perspiration control were equivalent to the regular and strong formulas in my experience.PPP

My overall assessment is a positive one. From day one. It really does work! And one 2 ounce jar lasts as long or longer than your average bar of deodorant. The ingredients are simple; you could probably make this yourself. But I do enough myself that I don’t have time to make my own deodorant (that also works perfectly well as an antiperspirant). The folks at PPP have perfected the formula for superb odor and perspiration control. I love the pit paste and will be a long-term customer of theirs because of it!

They also produce some other awesome products. One of my other faves is the Body Whip…another review in the near future! HINT…it’s good stuff!


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