First, let me apologize for being so un-blogworthy.  Things have been crazy busy in my life for the past 3+ months!  The holidays, work, trying to work on my fitness certifications, working out, learning and teaching POUND, running, … I can come up with more if it’d make a difference!

Things are NOT about to ease up for me anytime soon.

I’ve gotten myself into a few things.

I signed up for my first marathon to be completed toward the end of March.  It’s the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.  It was peer pressure.  After finishing my registration I thought “WTF have I done?!” I am NOT ready for 26 point freaking 2 miles!!!  Then I finally settled down and realized, when am I really going to be “ready” to run that distance?  What’s done is done and now I’m in training and all is going well.

A few weeks after that is the race that I hold most dear to me, the Run for the Animals.  It was my first race after I got back into running, which I did to save my life, and it’s for a cause that I support wholeheartedly!  I’m signed up for the half marathon portion of the race this year.  If I need to, I can always drop back to the 10K or, this year they are offering a non-competitive 5K run/walk!  I find this to be totally awesome as it will draw so many more people!  A 10K can be intimidating to many.  A 5K?  It’s a GREAT starter race for anyone!  And so much less intimidating!!!  And the more participants, the more money raised for the cause.

Then, 3 weeks after that I am registered for my first Ragnar Trail Relay in Richmond, VA.  I’ve been wanting to do Ragnar for at least 2 years now, and when I learned about there being an option so close for 2016, I jumped at the opportunity!  Running and camping all in one venue?  Yes, please!

Those are just a few things on my docket so far for 2016.  I PROMISE I will do my BEST to post here more often in 2016!  It might take me another couple of months before I’m back regularly, but I have SO MUCH to tell you!  I have several life events I want to share with you, tons of running adventures, and a few awesome products I want to tell you about.

Please forgive me (again) for my absence.  I will return soon…

Yours truly,

AnimalWhiz >^..^<


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