I’m Running Again!

Though it’s nowhere near as much as I used to, I am happy to report that I am pounding the pavement again. After injuring my achilles early last year, Physical Therapy has gotten me back into running form. I have been taking it very easy, which is not too difficult to do when you have no races scheduled. I did complete the 8th Annual Run for the Animals Half Marathon this year without incident. That was a huge feat for me. I haven’t run a whole lot since then. I’ve been trying to get in 3 to 5 miles at least once a week using the Galloway method.

I am really hoping to be able to get Esme trained to run with me by this fall.  She came to us with poor leash manners, the result of her foster using a retractable leash.  She’s really doing well on the leash these days, but she’s not yet where she needs to be if she’s going to run with me.  I recently had to officially retire C.J. from running with me due to his age and decrepitness.  He really wants to go every time I lace up, but it’s just too much for his old joints.  Instead I take him with me for my cool-down walks.  That seems to make him happy.

Working on leash walking skills with Esme.

My next race isn’t scheduled until November 2nd of this year.  I made it into the Tuckahoe 25K Trail Race at Tuckahoe State Park in Ridgely, Maryland.  I’m really excited about this because, of all the running I’ve ever done, trail running is my favorite.  You never know what may happen between now and November though; I may very well act on an impulse and sign up for something else in between.

Until then, I will continue to run as often as I can until training begins.  I will run fast when I have to, and far when I can.

“If you want to run fast, go alone.  If you want to run far, go together.”

I definitely prefer to go far.  I’m thankful and grateful that I’m able to do that with some pretty amazing friends!

Friends who Run Together, do CRAZY things together!

“If you run, you are a runner.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far.” –John Bingham


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