Run for the Toilets

Our local Elks Chapter, BPOE 1766, is hosting a weekend-long event July 13-14 to help raise funds to improve the public restrooms at the lodge.

Lodge #1766 is a huge contributor to the Eastern Shore of VA. There’s always something happening there, let it be a fundraiser for a local family in need, a benefit for the Boy Scouts, or just something fun to draw the community together. They host Bingo every Monday, Queen of Hearts every Wednesday, and Steak Night every Friday.  I love my Elks!

July 13th there will be an auction with proceeds going toward the restroom fund. July 14th there will be a 5K run in the morning, organized by yours truly! There will be t-shirts, finishing medals and custom finishing trophies for age groups by decade.  I encourage you all to come join us for this event.  Whether you’re a new to running or a seasoned runner, this 5K is for you!  And you’ll be supporting a great cause.


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