Self Blogging Challenge

OK folks, I know you know that I know I am the worst blogger in the universe. I really do want to change that. So, starting today I am challenging myself to blog AT LEAST once a month for the next 12 months. You can all help keep me accountable!

Since my last post in November, a LOT has happened. I have another dog, I finished my “evolution of a scorpio” tattoo, I’ve had several personal breakthroughs, I’ve taken up 2 new hobbies, we’re about to buy a house here on the Eastern Shore of VA, and so much more. I’ve also got a few product reviews, life lessons, and soap-box items I want to share!

I’ve got a couple of drafts going already, so please help keep me in check. Find me on IG @animalwhiz, on Facebook, and on Twitter @Animalwhiz and bug me there if I haven’t blogged in a while.

Even if it’s just to babble or post a few pictures.

I was going to post a few pictures of my cuties a some of their friends but something’s going awry and WordPress is failing to load the photos. So I leave it at this. I want to get this out there before it’s too late and this post becomes another unfinished draft! More to come soon, I swear!!!

Esme (our newest addition to the family) & C.J.


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