A Kind of Magic

I truly believe that all things in this world happen for a reason. Whether you believe in the supernatural, fate, God, chance, whatever, all things happen for a reason. Some things are wonderful and make you feel enlightened, other things are terrible and make you feel like all hope is lost. Out of both extremes comes purpose.

Over the span of 2 months we managed to lose both of our beloved felines, first Penelope and then Lazarus. We were much more prepared for Penelope given her age and many years of health issues, but you are never really ready for that no matter what the circumstances. Lazarus’ demise was much more sudden and unexpected. Regardless, we grieved for both of them equally.

I’m not going to lie, having a cat-free house was kind of nice. Not having any litter boxes to clean was the best part! And no waking up at odd ours to the sound of a cat puking up a hairball. No having to worry about making sure the dogs can’t get to the cats things. I was in no hurry to bring any more cats into our home. Both of our dogs are seniors now, one a super-senior with severe orthopedic issues, and require more care and monitoring. I was OK with the “thinning of the herd.”

Yeah, that lasted for about 2 months.

As fate/luck/chance would have it, a needy feline showed up at work that won my heart.  He was a 6 year old neutered male cat, super-friendly and personable and was FIV positive.  He needed a home.  Being FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive, he would be difficult to place unless he was an only-cat, or if we could find a family of FIV infected cats that was seeking another mate.  Well, my house was now void of felines.  And if I bring him into our home, I can not be suckered into bringing in any kittens or other “healthy” cats because my cat has an immune deficiency!  If I decide to take him in, that is…

I messaged my husband, requesting his input on the idea of adding a feline to our household.  His response was, “Do I have to do anything?”  I then sent him more info, including the fact that he was FIV positive.  Once again, being the PC kind of guy my husband is, his response to me was, “AIDS, huh?  I’ll call him Freddie Mercury.”

As offended as you may be by the naming of our new cat, know that he is loved beyond measure and his new name, Freddie, suits him well!  We are not judgmental people, but we joke about things in our own home (as all of the rest of you do) amongst each other.  Meet Freddie Mercury! IMG_7638 IMG_0130

Freddie has been the cure to our broken hearts after losing both of our cats!  We will love him and enjoy him for many, many years.  He seems to be pretty happy here.  ❤  I think his namesake would approve!


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