Just a little thought for the day…

It’s the little things…

Yesterday I had an elderly gentlemen race me to the door of a local retailer just so he could open the door for me.

Today a client told me how much he appreciated me and all of the rest of my coworkers for what we do. He said we had superpowers.

I get home for my lunch break and there is a package at my door from a dear friend. It was a care package to get me through my half-marathon training along with a donation for my Duct Tape challenge (thank you Marie!).

Sometimes you think that your little gestures go unnoticed. Well, they don’t! And if you are of the type who thinks it’s not worth it to say “thank you” or to open a door for someone because it will go unappreciated, think again. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact on someone’s day.


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