OMG! I can Dance! Kind of…

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but a “good dancer” hasn’t been one of them…until now! Thanks for that Jerry!

A little over a month ago a local fitness facility called Attitudes Fitness started hosting Line Dancing classes. I’d seen their posts about it but never ever even considered going. Then, at work one day, Gloria, a dear friend and coworker, expressed her interest in going to one of the classes and several other comrades said they would join her. How fun for them to find something fun to do, I thought!

When the day of the class (a Friday evening) rolled around, everyone ended up having other things to do and bailed on Gloria! Not that she wouldn’t have gone to a class by herself, but my hubby and I almost always go to the local pub right next door to Attitudes on Friday nights, so I said what the heck? I’ll join Gloria. It’s right next door and only for an hour or so. Then she won’t have to go by herself!  And who knows, it might be fun.

So, I met Gloria at the pub where we each enjoyed a Rusty Nail (If I was going to dance, I needed some encouragement beforehand!) prior to heading out to Line Dancing class. The room was pretty well packed when we got there, and more people showed up after we did! I had no idea so many people were interested in line dancing! I had kind of done a few line dances in my day at wedding receptions or at a college Country & Western bar…. but I’ve never been very good at it, nor did I expect to be good at it in class.

Class started, we learned 4 dances in one night and I had an absolute BLAST! Initially, when I decided to join Gloria for this class, I thought it’d be a “one-and-done” thing. Oh heck no! I was totally pumped about going to the class the following week! And I did! And I went the next week too. Now I’m learning that I really enjoy Line Dancing! Am I good? Not so much. Do I care? Not so much. Why? Because it’s fun! Every week I surprise myself and that makes me want to come back for more. Now I want to take ballroom dancing classes…I really like dancing! Apparently it’s in my genes; my grandparents on my Mom’s side of the family were FABULOUS dancers! Maybe I can be as cool as they were one day.  But it’s going to be a LONG journey before I really become as good a dancer as they were.  I’m going to work on it!

I will have to miss this week’s class though because I already have a weekend commitment, but I’ll be back next week for sure!  What am I up to this weekend?  I’ll tell you later, don’t worry… 😉  >^..^<


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